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IMA Nominated Best Folk/Singer-Songwriter Album of 2016

Heroes &

A tale of Love, Loss, Yearning & Learning.

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Released on August 4, 2016
Deluxe CD Bundle - $29.00
Physical CD - $15.00
Digital Release - $9.99

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The LyriCS

The lyrics to all songs and other bonus material are included with both physical CDs and digital album sales.


A Message Amber

Heroes & Heartaches

A Tale of Love, Loss, Yearning & Learning.

Hi and thank you for being here. I want to talk a bit about this project and why it's so special to me. My god-father, Francisco Gallegos passed away in 2010 and the songs on this album are dedicated to and inspired by him.

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Fly High, Fall Free

Devin Supertramp

Ah, a peaceful balloon ride far above the tranquil desert - NOT. Tie a bungee to that basket and bounce your way across the sky. Make sure your life insurance is up-to-date, and then check out a whole new way to play.


Recorded at Gawain Mathews' Studio in San Pablo, CA

Heroes & Heartaches CD

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