The Amber Snider Band



The Amber Snider Band was formed while playing weekly shows at Downtown Joe's in Napa from 2007-2009 performing under such names as The Hypnosis Company, The Overtone Series, Mom’s Chicken Pot Pie (named after a sandwich board special) when in 2009, Amber married longtime guitarist Aaron Snider, and “The Amber Snider Band” was born.  It was during this time, the band started to develop their live sound and chemistry. 

Since then The Amber Snider Band released an EP and headlined hundreds shows as well as was featured artists at the Bottle Rock Napa Valley music festival with artists such as LL Cool J, The Cure, Matisyahu, Heart, De La Soul and Smash Mouth.

 In 2010, Amber the band released a live recording 'Napa City Nights LIVE 2010'.  In 2012, The Amber Snider Band worked with producer/multi-instrumentalist, Gawain Mathews to release a 7 song self-titled CD "the Amber Snider Band".  The CD really captured the sound that the band had been working on for the last few years playing at bars, clubs and festivals. 

Amber Snider, singer-songwriter, guitarist, pianist, harmonica-ist.

Aaron Snider - Guitarist - a San Francisco Bay Area native with a unique style that fuses together rock, blues and Latin guitar.  

Dave Youdell - Bassist - a San Francisco Bay Area native and along with Aaron began jamming as kids playing music in garages to Pixies, The Cure, Bob Marley and more.

Ram Hatley, on drums and percussion. Ram Hatley holds a B.A. in Jazz Performance from Long Island University. He was exposed to big band performance as well as Afro-Caribbean styles. Ram also attended Goddard College where he learned progressive jazz and improvisational theory.

Also featuring from time to time, Scott Turnnidge - Drums - a Colorado native with a straightforward and energetic rock style. 

The Amber Snider Band (2017 Napa Porchfest)

The Amber Snider Band (Cover Song Montage)

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