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Being an indie artist these days means wearing a lot of hats. In addition to creating the music: writing, composing, recording, there are many other aspects of getting the music heard that you can help with. 

So, here’s what you can do...

#1 Listen to Amber’s Music

How do you prefer listening to music? Whether you love the tactile experience of CDs or the convenience of streaming, the important thing is to keep listening.  Please recommend Amber to your friends so they can enjoy too.

#2 Connect to Social Accounts

Connect with Amber through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and when you see new posts about shows and content, please share with your social connections. This is good, old fashioned word-of-mouth, organic marketing.

#3 Buy Direct

In the case that you are looking for physical merchandise or digital downloads, when at all possible it is best to buy directly from Amber’s website (through BandCamp) or at a live show from the merchant table. Have a merch request? Let us know!

#4 Attend Shows

As much as humanly possible show your beautiful, shining face in the audience. The one-of-a-kind, magical, in the moment experience of live performance is not to be taken for granted or replaced with digital imitations. (Seriously, we really love having you at our shows.)

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Join via mobile by texting GETAMBER to 444999 or via email at the top of this page.

#6 Join Club Americana

This is where you can get all the music Amber has ever made and pre-purchase future releases by paying a price of your choosing  - once per year. 

Check out the different options here.

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